Private Pilates

Private Sessions

 If you are new to the studio and are wanting to join an existing class the first step is to book an initial consultation. This will allow us to complete a postural assessment, discuss previous/current injuries, discuss any goals and establish Pilates basics so that you feel confident going into your class.

 Supple Fitness is qualified to a high level and is able to work with your physiotherapist, Osteopath or healthcare professional to ensure the best possible progression for you.

1:1 Sessions

 Private sessions enable your learning to be accelerated and your Pilates and Yoga skills to be fine-tuned. Private sessions are specific to your requirements and provide detailed feedback and correction.  These are available for mat and Pilate reformer sessions.

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 1:2 Sessions

One instructor, two clients.Another great way to achieve more from your Pilates experience.All exercises can be tailored to your aims and objectives.

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