What is ultrasound?

 A series of sound waves that consist of a to and fro movement of particles in the direction of waves. They are used to treat a wide range of clinical conditions and can be used with differing effect through the various stages of repair.

Why ultrasound?

 Trauma goes through various phases, from the initial injury itself to the formation of scar tissue (acute, sub-acute, chronic).

Treatment during these stages is aimed at reducing swelling, pain, loss of function etc prior to and during the important aspects of rehabilitation.

 Any modality that can speed up the reduction of inflammation and assist the repair process should be considered.

What tissues can ultrasound have an effect on?

  • Sprained & torn ligaments
  • Inflamed tendons and tendon sheaths
  • Scar tissue and muscle spasm
  • Fasciitis

 Please note Supple Fitness does not use ultrasound in place of sports massage unless performing sports massage at the time of injury/healing process would be a contraindication in which case ultrasound would be the only viable modality. Where appropriate Supple Fitness would seek to incorporate ultrasound into a sports massage treatment.

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