Supple Fit Barre Class

NEW Supple Fit BARRE Class starts Saturday 24th February @ 09.00-10.00

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What is Supple Fit Barre?

An infusion of Pilates & ballet movements that use the Barre to balance. Exercises focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you move a specific set of muscles). This will challenge the core & increase flexibility.

How will it benefit me?

It will enhance suppleness, strength & posture whilst destressing the body.

Barre is targeting the “support and steady” muscles that run close to your bones and tie into your core and spine— this is a perfect antidote for anybody who spends a lot of time sitting or standing. You will leave having learnt something new, worked deeply into your body and walking taller.

Who is it for?

Everyone as it is low impact & a safe form of exercise for older people or those with injuries as it is a great way to improve stability and rehabilitate the body.

No prior Pilates or ballet experienced required!

Do I need to book?

Booking is essential as it’s limited to 8 places! Contact Sarah: or 078143 40396 for more information or to reserve your place.
Classes will run in a 4-week block (£26.00), starting: 24th February-17th March. Book by the 30th January & receive 10% off of your first block booking!

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