Supple Flow, Supple Body, Supple Burn

NEW Supple Flow, Supple Body, Supple Burn classes 

START Saturday 14th July@ 09.00-10.00 & 10.15-11.15 with a

 FREE 7 Day Detox Programme!!!

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What is Supple Flow, Body & Burn?

A unique programme created by Supple Fitness involving three elements:

Supple Flow: Vinyasa Yoga inspired moves to strengthen & lengthen the entire body.

Supple Body: Pilates exercises using free weights for complete body conditioning.

Supple Burn: An infusion of Pilates & Barre moves from ballet  for an intense cardio work-out.

How will it benefit me?

It will enhance suppleness, strength & posture whilst destressing the body:

– Flatten & firm the tummy

-Sculpt the legs

-Tone the arms

Who is it for?

Anyone who is prepared to sweat & ache for it!

Please note adaptations/ modifications are offered when necessary.

No prior Pilates, Yoga or ballet experienced required!

Do I need to book?

Booking is essential as it’s limited to 8 places! 

Classes will run in 3 weeks blocks:

Block 1: 14th, 21st & 28th July with a FREE 7 Day Slimmer & Trimmer Detox Programme

Block 2: 11th, 18th & 25th August

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