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I have just completed a Level 3 Pilates Instructor course with Sarah and was extremely impressed with Sarah’s professionalism and high standards.  Sarah made the course fun yet challenging and was totally inspiring as a Pilates Instructor.  I would thoroughly recommend Sarah both as a tutor and as an instructor.  Thanks for your all help and support Sarah!

Di- July 2015

As an instructor Sarah went above and beyond to ensure that the course content was understood, regardless of different student learning styles. Her knowledge and attention to detail is exceptional and I will be doing further courses with her in the future. Many thanks Sarah, see you soon!

Nat- June 2015

Excellent, really enjoyed the 3 day course and have learn’t a lot about my body.  Found the first day very hard going on the theory.  The instructor was very enabling and helpful.

April 2012

Trainer/tutor was fantastic she put the material into real life situations.  She also gave us good materials and information to work from.

April 2012

Something very different to my normal focus of exercise- proved to be a great change, enjoyed it more than ever expected to.  I feel I have learn’t so much and feel converted to a new method of exercise.  Highly useful and interesting.  Thank you.

April 2012

Sarah is a fantastic tutor and brilliant role model, with obvious skill and knowledge in her field!  The course is full on and difficult to know every exercise fully.  Lots of practice and study will be necessary!

April 2012

Sarah had such a lovely manner throughout the practical and theory work.  Made me feel at ease and never stupid.  By far the best course I have been on for a long time.  Thank you fit4training and Sarah!

November 2011

Very intense course, you were great though! Was really impressed with the quality you managed to fit in over three days! You really are a good teacher.  Big thanks again.

Natalie- November 2011

 I have just attended the Pilates Mat Level 3 course and it was fantastic. Sarah Gatford the Pilates Tutor  is so inspiring, her vast knowledge and expertise on this subject gave me confidence. Sarah was so helpful on the course and also afterwards, quickly replying to questions and giving feedback when needed. I would most definitely recommend this course especially if delivered by Sarah . I aspire to be a Pilates instructor as good as her…..

Gail Wilson- July 2011

Sarah was an excellent teacher, she must have been very tired of us all moaning and whining by day 3 but still managed to keep her cool and motivation high! Thank you and the DVD looks dead useful and thanks for giving us email support!!

Ceri- July 2011

I was pleased to receive the manual prior to the course commencing- haven’t had this luxury with other training providers.  The course was well organised ( again unlike other training providers).  A lot of information given for three days, however the information was taught well- in an accessible way.  Tutor approahable- always helpful!

Tracey- July 2011

It was initially a lot to take in via the 34 exercises but as we went though the three days we recapped an picked up the things we missed.  Considering the short period of time this was an excellent course.

July 2011

Just wanted to say thank you again for all your support etc on the course !!  Thank you hugely again

Paul- July 2011

Sports Massage Therapy

The instructors method of presenting information was clear and helpful.  Easier than trying to learn from a manual alone.

Clare- October 2012

The tutor was very professional and her knowledge was used in a very good way to help me and the course members to learn as much as possible.

Physical Rehabilitation Instructor– November 2012

Excellent course and worked well with our needs and other commitments.

 RAF PTI- December 2012

Worthwhile and extremley good course to add to development.

 RAF PTI– December 2012

Very enjoyable course, Sarah was very flexible with timings and course dates.

RAF PTI– December 2012

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