Supple Fitness Yoga Class Descriptions

What can Supple Fitness Yoga offer me?

A focus on pranayama (breath) the life force of the body which is often neglected in our hectic schedules, a variety of asanas (poses) in lying, seated and standing in a beautiful flowing sequence combining strength, flexibility and balance. Relaxation will close the class bringing stillness to the body and calmness to the mind.

Chelle Yoga

Supple Fitness Beginners Yoga

A Hatha style of Yoga is followed during this class.  Hatha Yoga is thought to increase energy levels and can also mean ‘adamant’.  A participant must be adamant about their willingness to push outside of their comfort zone.  You are supposed to get comfortable being uncomfortable , pushing past your mental limits to see what you are capable of.  

Who is this class for?

 This class is most accessible to complete beginners.  There is more emphasis on the technique of a pose to work deeply but not fast, establishing breath work to maximise  mindfulness and  to encourage the release of tension and relaxation.  Supple Fitness recognises that Yoga isn’t necessarily a one size fits all.  Regardless of your age or ability we take into account that no two people are the same, someone who is hyper-mobile won’t need the same thing as someone who is muscular and stiff.  The beauty of a maximum of 8 participants  in our classes allows the teacher to cater for this.

Supple Fitness Open Level Yoga

Supple Fitness Yoga employs both hatha (please see above) and Vinyasa practices.  Vinyasa is dynamic and links the breath and movement together in a dance-nature.  The poses won’t necessarily be held for long periods of time and the pace can be quick.  

Who is this class for?

 This class enables you to experience the benefits and potential of Yoga  and is ideal for runners and endurance athletes as the movement can be continuous.  The class is not about you turning yourself into a pretzel but transforming yourself both inside and out.  Supple Fitness prides itself on keeping the classes very down to earth, so whether you are terrified at the prospect of trying Yoga after some time out or an experienced Yogi join us on the mat to discover the benefits of Yoga.



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